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Success at the Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair 2014 012

The weather was inclement but that did not stop the dealers arriving as early as 8.50 a.m. in order to be first in the queue for Shalford’s famous Charity Christmas Fair. They were not the first there. The table team had arrived at 7.00 a.m., the stallholders shortly afterwards lugging boxes and boxes of donated goods to their stalls and meticulously setting up and pricing their wares. The scouts dressed in their yellow overalls to organise the car parking, the refreshments team with tureens of hot soup and homemade quiches – the excitement and anticipation was tangible. Then best of all - our customers, young and old to be greeted at the door with a smile by Jo and the Guides. We had a steady flow throughout the morning. It was a marvellous day.

Our Christmas Fair raised £6,720 for our charities, all of whom were represented this year. They included Guildford Street Angels, Four Villages Day Centre, Crossroads, Cherry Trees, Guildford Number 5 Project, Equipment for Disabled Children, Onward Stroke Club, St Mary’s Church, Guildford Y and Lutengo School, Uganda. All these charities will have a contribution from us that will enable them to do more to help those in need. As a community we should be proud that we got together on an entirely voluntary basis either donating, helping to run a stall, buying or contributing in some way to the multitude of things needed to be done to run a successful Fair and raised such a considerable sum in only four hours! Well done to everyone .It makes one feel good to be part of the parish of Shalford.

With many thanks, Joanna, Naomi and Mary.

Please contact Joanna on 01483 449320 if you would like to help next year.